Design Switzerland is initiated by Pro Helvetia, the Swiss Arts Council.
PLANISPHERE - «ON», Kunstmuseum Basel (c) Monir Salihi


PLANISPHERE is a network agency for creative production and strategic consulting. Founded in 2012 by Kevin Rodriguez & Jannik Roth the Basel-based agency has established a distinctive network with nodes to Barcelona, Berlin, London, Paris and Zürich. Together with singular talents and international professionals. PLANISPHERE conceptualizes and realizes visionary projects for clients, who want to …

«Out of Balance» - Superdot

«Out of Balance» – the power of data visualization

Superdot is an interdisciplinary information design agency in Basel. Over the last few years, the company has positioned itself in the Swiss region as a specialist at the intersection of data, design, business and art. Superdot has developed a unique approach to tackling problems of complexity through an iterative process employing visual tools and workshops …

read on (c) Nina Maria Glahé

iPhone case + reading glasses = read on

Read on – always, everywhere Almost every third person uses reading glasses, many have their iPhone, key ring and glasses in their pocket. The reading glasses get scratched and are regularly lost. This is where our product innovation comes in: read on is a simple, multifunctional iPhone case with flat, integrated reading glasses. The product …


STF Incubator & Makerspace: Where the fashion start-up scene meets

The STF – Schweizerische Textilfachschule – offers a creative working space for textile start-ups and fashion professionals: a shared infrastructure, sparking mutual inspiration and encouraging to move forward together. This initiative targets young start-up from the fashion scene, graphic designer and labels that are looking for an attractive workplace in the heart of Zurich with …

crisp id, Tabletop Bistrobar (c) Anders Stoos

«Casino Bern Tabletop Bistrobar» – The terroir of the plate

The question of the origin and production conditions of food has become a matter of good taste in the gastronomic world. But this effort usually ends with the plate itself. It is with this observation in mind that crisp-id has developed «Tabletop Bistrobar», a ceramic set for the Casino restaurant in Bern. Consisting of a …

Interactive Replicas ©INT studio

Interactive replicas by INT Studio

How to create a tangible experience from digital replicas of art pieces, archeological objects or products ? Interactive replicas is a tactile device that allows you to discover design objects in an innovative way. By manipulating 3D printed miniatures, visitors or customers can interact on screen with the digitized artwork, exploring it from every angle …

Genoma Grotesk®

Static typography is over

Imagine a single font file that behaves like multiple fonts. Imagine a single font file gaining an infinite flexibility of weight, width, and other attributes without also gaining file size. Genoma Grotesk® is a revolutionary typographical invention and it is a promising look to the future with regard to the adaptability of a font. Genoma …

«Oblo» ©Loic Mathys

«Oblo» – a smart way to heat your home

«Oblo» is a predictive heat device which collects weather data to anticipate your needs of heat production. By downloading 5 days weather forecast predictions, «Oblo»’s algorithm will tell your heater system how much energy needs to be produced. The smart device also reacts to electricity tariffs in order to balance out the disadvantageous inactivity of …

Twist, Renaud de Francesco, edited by Normann Copenhagen (c) Renaud de Francesco

Design matchmaking in Copenhagen

For the fourth year in 2020, Pro Helvetia invites Swiss designers to be present in Copenhagen parallel to the 3 Days of Design, the most important yearly design event in Denmark, taking place this year from 3 to 5 September. The 4 studios selected are: FILIPE & VIRICEL – Both graduated from ECAL in 2013 , …

Heated rug, «Anuvad» (c) Chhail Khalsa

«Anuvad™»: Translating crafts 

«Anuvad™» blends a love of craft with an exploration of the possibilities offered by e-textiles. Designer and Design researcher Chhail Khalsa is an alumna of the National Institute of Design in Ahmedabad (India) and from the Hochschule Luzern, where she first developed «Anuvad™» as her master thesis while working as a research assistant. The key aim of …