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The ever-evolving «Phasma lamp» of AATB

AATB: «Phasma lamp»


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Zurich & Marseille-based AATB develop products and installations exploring human-machine interactions. Their Phasma lamp resembles a luminescent insect that takes all of its dimension at night.

AATB are Andrea Anner & Thibault Brevet, both graduates from ECAL. Having previously worked on interactive objects, the pair encountered an industrial robotic arm, crystallizing their research and leading them to investigate the potential of robotics and industrial automation outside of the factory.

Their «Phasma lamp»’s name originates from the thin, needle-looking insect. Almost invisible against a wall during the day, the lamp emanates a warm glow at night, its sinuous contours becoming more obvious. It is formed of primitive modules that that can be assembled into a wide and almost unlimited array of simple and complex structures and shapes, making it a customable and outstanding object.