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Sensory fashion by Collective Swallow


Collective Swallow’s new collection, «Metzgete» has been supported by our latest Call for Projects.

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Collective Swallow’s designs are not driven by season nor gender but are inspired by the visual and sensory experience of food.

«We found the idea of creating clothes guided by gustatory perception extremely compelling as it is generally ignored by visual design and art, even though “having good taste” is vital in these fields in terms of aesthetic taste» – Anaïs Marti and Ugo Pecoraio (Collective Swallow)

Their previous collection was inspired by their fictive restaurant «zum Schwälbli», the traditional Swiss tavern where we used to enjoy ice cream coupes as children. The collection recalled some visual environment of the traditional restaurant: plastic tablecloths, crochet placemats and pastel colors. As a continuation of «Collection 04 – Restaurant zum Schwälbli», Collective Swallow will be presenting «Metzgete» in February 2019 at Mode Suisse and during Paris Fashion week, taking  inspiration from the autumn menu of their fictive restaurant «zum Schwälbli». The typically Swiss «Metzgete» dishes include Pumpkin, beetroot and mushroom recipes.


Collective Swallow is a Swiss fashion collective dedicated to gastronomic fashion, taking edibles a step forward by basing their designs on the visual and sensory experience of food. While turning their collections into exquisite, ingenious mixes of materials and volumes according to cooking recipes is conceptual, the final outcome is a set of aesthetically sharp and functional garments. Collective Swallow is Anaïs Marti (Design) and Ugo Pecoraio (PR and Graphic), operating from Basel and Berlin, with the unifying belief that fashion should not be ruled by gender or seasons.