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kollektiv vier invites you to a journey

Detail of shower curtain «INSIGHT» collection © kollektiv vier


Founded by Mirjam Huwiler, Johanna Widmer and Eva Zuberbühler kollektiv vier is a design agency which develops interior products and concepts. During the past four years kollektiv vier has specialized on textile design-products for the bathroom and has launched collections of bath towels, shower curtains and bath rugs. Their work has been supported by Pro Helvetia and IKEA Foundation Switzerland. Their products can be purchased on the online shop and at various resellers in Switzerland and abroad.

«INSIGHT» collection has been supported by our latest Call for Projects.

Next Call for Projects opens on 13 December 2018

“Travel without leaving” or the art of escaping, without leaving your home.

The bathroom is a place of well-being, where people take care of themselves. Convinced of the importance of feeling good in this intimate space, kollektiv vier seeks to enrich and personalize it.

While working on «INSIGHT» kolletktiv vier aims to create a collection that relates various bath elements: shower curtain, towel, bathroom carpet, and extending it to fragrance (development of a shampoo) and melody (curated mixtape).

«INSIGHT» – collection statement and poem:

The new collection called INSIGHT is built around the idea of an “inner landscape”. Together we visualized a landscape that could be part of our life inside of ourselves, our heads. It is a mixture of real and surreal elements; a place where you are, where you go on and where you return, where places change suddenly and you discover new things all the time. It’s a story we tell through our design which allows people to find themselves in their own dreams, memories or wishes.

I enjoy the bath in the clear lung lake. Strolling through the fresh meadows, down the dense forest. From time to time I have to clear a path and wrestle through branches and leaves.
Without knowing what to expect, I climb into the elevator and drive to the fourth floor. I just stand there and listen to the sound of the sea. It is so loud that it swallows all the other noise. I take a break, there in the wind and I know that everything it needs is already here. I’m nearly flying – I am so free.
Alone, I am all the time, it is more a together with myself.
I discover a wild garden. There are orange trees, listening flowers, stones and again I meet him the lung lake. Sometimes I discover new small beaches and flowers that haven`t grown here last year.
I’m surprised how quickly you get to new places. Again, I discover something new in the known.
Sometimes I walk for days. Blessed with endless energy, sometimes I lie down without any needs.
One day I come upon a grid. A beautiful grid with lace, still it is a grid and I’m not sure what to think. Did I change my perspective? I have no idea were I will go next, but I always seem to know where I`m going. Even if I don`t always know what I want, I keep going.
Unconscious, I watch as barren white rocky landscapes pass me by. It seems to be so romantic this place in me. But it’s hard to enjoy if the weather doesn’t play along.
Something like a map of it doesn’t exist. It is in me, always with me, my compass. I return again and again, to my favorite place – my lung lake.

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