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An urban greenhouse by Douma Guittet

«La Serre» © Douma Guittet

Douma Guittet at Designer's Saturday

Designer’s Saturday

Hector Egger Holzbau
Steinackerweg 18
4900 Langenthal

Friday 2 November
For Professionals only

Saturday 3 November
Open to the public
Event: Prototypitch
The designers have 5 minutes to present their prototypes to the audience. The presentations will be each time followed by a round of questions and advice given by invited experts.

Sunday 4 November
Open to the public

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«La Serre» shelters your aromatic herbs, spices and flowers.

From seed to plant, its wide door allows you to follow the growing of the plants, and to reach easily the edible fresh herbs. Beyond its culinary and decorative interest, «La Serre» has also been developed on a didactic approach: everyone can give a try at botany, and teaching the children (and adults) patience and sense of responsibility necessary for plant cultivation.
«La Serre» is an affordable product and very easy to produce as it borrows materials and processes of the packaging manufacturing industry. The polypropylene shell, the coconut fiber bottom and the seeds can be shipped flat-pack then to be then easily folded and assembled by the user.

Salim Douma and Victor Guittet are ECAL graduates and are now based in Paris. They design innovative products and meaningful experiences in collaboration with brands, manufacturers, researchers and galleries. They intervene in the furniture sector, accessories, lighting, and electronic products.




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